Recent report reveals shocking news about female gamers!

Guess what they’re going to be when they grow up.

Yes I’m a girl. Yes I play video games. Why is this still such a damn surprise?

A recent news report revealed the shocking news that almost half of all video games being played today are actually being played by *gasp* WOMEN.

“According to the “2013 Essential Facts About the Computer and Video Game Industry” report, produced by the Entertainment Software Association, 45% of all game players, and 46% of the most frequent purchasers of games, are female. Adult women make up 31% of the game-playing population.”

Unsurprising, the data provided isn’t all that conclusive when we can’t see the source material. And I’m not a fan of social media games being included as video games overall. I think they should have a tier of their own, particularly when in reference to statistics like these.

However, if a proper survey were done, I would not at all be surprised if the results were the same. Because yes, we are playing video games and have been for quite some time and, as the games mature, you’re going to find more of us doing so. And with some of us being parents, it means we’re going to pass that on to our kids (hopefully) and the numbers are just going to continue to grow. 
I’m looking forward to the day when statistics like these aren’t such a damn surprise. I’m looking forward to the day when “girl gamer” is no longer a common phrase. 
We’re all just gamers, thanks.

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