Despicable Me 2

This is a five out of five start review of Despicable Me 2, but it comes with a few minor complaints that I’ll get out of the way first:

1. Lucy and Gru tried too hard in the beginning, to the point of their voices and dialogue being somewhat grating.
2. There wasn’t enough of the girls.
3. No Julie Andrews.
4. Not enough people got run over by cars. Not enough things exploded. Not enough cars were hijacked.

As I said, these things were minor issues for me. Lucy and Gru settled down as the movie progressed, or else I just got used to them. The girls were there and, while the previous film’s interactions between Gru and his new daughters were the life of the movie, this movie still had its moments and Gru made an awesome dad. Julie Andrews simply wasn’t there so this remains a sad for me, but I can accept Benjamin Bratt as a replacement. And finally, #4 maaaay have something to do with my recent obsession with Saints Row 3. I can let this slide because the movie did appease me with a lot of purple.

Overall, I prefer the first movie, but this one was still lots of fun. And of course, it’s a kids movie, so I can’t forget to acknowledge that my daughters both loved it. I loved the way the heinous plot was revealed in oh so obvious scenes, perfect for little minds. And you can never have too many minions!


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