The BiblioSanctum: You’ve come a long way, baby


I maintain a sordid, lovehate relationship with Marvel Comics, but back in the 1990s, there was a time when we kind of sort of broke up. That is to say, I cheated on Marvel. With Image Comics. I know I know, but you have to understand that I was young and naive and easily swayed by the shiny!

I followed my favourite X-Men artists, Jim Lee and Marc Silvestri over to Wildstorm and jumped head first into Cyberforce andWildCATs. Some intelligent part of me was aware that these books were just X-Menwith shinier costumes and bigger boobs, but I persevered, picking up other titles likeGEN13, Wetworks and Witchblade. I became a Disciple of the Blade, I moderated Top Cowmessage boards for Fathom (RIP Michael Turner), designed outfits for Pez and I was (am) hopelessly smitten with Ian Nottingham.

But eventually, I grew up.

The thing is, so did Image.

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