When my fandoms get married

Star Wars Legacy game? Yes? 

Star Wars is my first fandom love. Then George let me down with those darn prequels. Now I am obsessed with Bioware. But with EA backing them, they have let me down too. Now they are TOGETHER! This is… I am not sure my soul can handle this. I .. I am not sure what to think…

But no. No I think I’ll be okay. Because, you see, Marvel is the other part of my fandom OT3 and Disney has done a pretty darn good job with that. I’ve already come to terms with Disney taking over Star Wars and am cautiously optimistic about the future movies, even though they are going to feature old people. Maybe this gaming announcement will mean I’ll get a Star Wars Legacy game! Oh the possibilities – that I’m not getting my hopes up for I swear… (Kreia… Kreia’s watching me… isn’t she….)

The good thing is that Disney isn’t generally known for pushing out products before they are ready like EA does. And customer service is definitely a big thing for Disney. So, the really positive thinking part of me is imagining a sit down in the board room where Disney says “All right, EA, we are going to give you this contract, but you have to promise to put content and customers ahead of your bottom line. If you understand that giving customers a good product and treating them well will encourage customers to spend their money, then you will get their money.”

Don’t worry, I’m not kidding myself. In reality, I know what EA actually took from that meeting was “Blah blah blah contract blah blah money blah blah money.” But that’s okay. Kreia Disney’s got this.

I’ll be okay…


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