Geek Parenting with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

Last week, we decided that the girls were ready to watch The Avengers. I am pleased to report that Black Widow and The Hulk are their favourites and they giggled at all the scenes that we loved too.

Despite my Marvel affinity, I really only know the Avengers in passing, and then mostly through the new series of movies and some decidedly poor Marvel cross over events (yeah I’m looking at you, AvX). As much as I want to get the girls into X-Men, my first love, I figure this is a good time for all of us to meet The Avengers.

We watched Captain America: The First Avenger this weekend. I had the pride and honour of explaining the scene with the grenade and why Steve Rogers is -so much better than Superman- the perfect man for the job. They decided they wanted to see all the other movies. Thor will probably be up next, but Panda really wants to see the Hulk movie to learn about his “spiriment” that turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk. This is a dilemma of course because I’m not sure which of the Hulk movies to show her. I’m trying to distract her till the reboot. We figure Thor will be up next, but in the mean time, we’ll get started on our Earth’s Mightiest Heroes marathon.

We’ll work on the Justice League soon enough, though they have met . Maybe by the time we get through our Avengers run, DC Comics will have figured out how to finally get a movie going.



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