The BiblioSanctum: Conversations with Octavia Butler by Conseula Fran…

Conversations With Octavia Butler (Literary Conversations Series)Conversations With Octavia Butler by Conseula Francis

I have to thank my friend Tracie for recommendingOctavia E. Butler to me. I started with herXenogenesis trilogy, and have been slowly building my collection since. Every time I read a book by Ms. Butler, I find myself wishing I could get inside the her mind. Her works are so far from the typical science fiction, dystopian stories and they share the constant theme of forcing us to question our humanity and society and the rules we adhere to and the many, many prejudices that we are never able to leave behind. With Butler’s passing in 2006, it seemed I wouldn’t have that opportunity, but apparently, Conseula Francis had the same idea and put together this collection of interviews.


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