Hungry Girl

Gina understands the food feels.

One of the best things about this weekend with my girlfriends was that I could eat food without thought for anything other than the desire for more. It was so liberating to be able to enjoy food without anyone talking about diets or exercising or making comments about how I can eat what I want and not suffer for it. My metabolism owes credit to genetics, I suppose and I’m sure, as I’ve been warned by many, that I’ll pay as I get older, but for now, I want to enjoy food without being made to feel sorry for doing so if I’m in the company of people who aren’t blessed with my blessings.

This isn’t me bragging. This isn’t me throwing my weight in the face of those for whom weight gain is an issue. I know that the people who comment about my eating habits are not trying to mean or petty. But sometimes, I get tired of hearing about it. Can’t I just eat in peace?

Thankfully, I’m long over the days when my guilt in these situations would actually have me starve myself in deference to those around me. Now I will go and grab seconds (and maybe thirds). I will keep my gluttony within reason around certain company, but this weekend, I got to loosen my waistline and just enjoy. 

Because. Food.

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