Movie time

We went to see Madagascar 3 with friends and their son. Loved it. I appreciate that the movie didn’t even bother to make itself believable. If it wanted to get from A to B. It went from A to B, leaving no time for your disbelief to register the transition. Was it as good a story as its predecessors? Who cares. My kids got up and danced their little butts off and we all laughed and Afro Circus is stuck in our heads.

More importantly, prior to the film, there was a preview for Rise of the Guardians. I had skimmed over promotional posters for this on Tumblr without thinking too much on it, but when I saw the preview itself, I was staring in fascination, intent on seeing this movie. My girls didn’t comment, even about the tooth fairies as I would have expected, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want to see this for them. I wanted to see this.

Our friends later commented that they found the preview to be inappropriate young kids, as Guardians clearly has a more mature theme, but after a severely censored trailer for Bridesmaids promo’d before Gnomeo and Juliet the last time we went to a kids movie, I no longer bother to question how this stuff works.

Our friends were concerned that such a film would give their child nightmares. That might have been a concern for us, but our daughters have proven themselves, watching Ghostbusters and The Neverending Story repeatedly without issue. If they want to see Rise of the Guardians with me, that’s cool, but whatever happens, I am going to see this movie, with or without them. And it better not let me down.

(There was also a preview for Katy Perry’s movie, which I told my husband he was not allowed to see in 3D, much to his disappointment.)

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