Nostalgia never tasted so good

The girls have been demanding we stop at the concession stand at the rec centre after swimming lessons, but we’ve refused on the grounds of “don’t need.” But today, my husband was with me and we witnessed someone eating french fries. With gravy. From little cardboard containers.

Just like back in highschool.

With some prompting from a friend, I increased my order from small to large and yeah. It’s awesome. Tastes just like back in the day when we’d scrounge for change to afford this, and if we were really lucky, we’d have enough to get a burger or even a cheeseburger to go with it. The kind you had to peel out of their

Screw healthy food in schools. Kids need to experience this goodness.

Oh you might argue that this is why our kids are obese.

Another time, I might listen. But today, I’ll probably just tell you that your argument is irrelevant because I have gravy in my hair and I will giggle and continue to feast upon my nostalgia.


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