Dynatherms connected!

My husband found video store Shangri la the other day and picked up the five volumes of Voltron DVDs for $8 each. He called to ask if I wanted the one with the 32 vehicles and I responded with a resounding “Fuck. That. Shit.”

 On a 2 hour trip to and from the grandparents’, the girls watched the first set in the car. I couldn’t watch, but I could hear. Oh the joy of listening to Optimus Prime deliver the blessed words of the opening. I listened contentedly to the cheesy dialogue, imagining the equally cheesy visuals as my girls sat in silent awe. When it came time to form Voltron, that big stupid grin spread across my face as I happily recited the words along with them and formed my blazing sword across the steering wheel.

 With these DVDs, and Teletoon Retro’s recent additions of Jem and the Holograms and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the nostalgia indoctrination of our kids is almost complete. They also recently discovered the X-Men from the ’90s on Netflix. Moment of extreme pride when I asked Bunny if she wanted to watch Barbie and a Mermaid’s Tale again and she said, “No, I’d rather watch X-Men.”


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