Modesty and Willie: A Refreshingly Platonic Relationship

Originally posted by fyeahmodestyblaise:

Now here’s something I really like about the Modesty Blaise stories: Modesty and Willie are extremely close but their relationship is platonic. In fact they’re both of the firm opinion that having sex (with each other) would not benefit them at all. Although other characters are often curious, there’s no suggestion of “will they or won’t they?” in the books or the comics. I know some people like a bit of romantic tension but it’s ubiquitous in fiction and, personally, I find myself drifting away when shows such as Bones start focussing too much on the protagonists’ romantic relationship. It’s refreshing to see the portrayal of different kind of close relationship and one that doesn’t interfere with the overall story (or become the overall story). Instead we just have two people who are fiercely loyal to each other kicking bad-guy arse.

It was in Saigon that she first saw Willie Garvin — in Thai-style combat. Of lethal skills, he was gutter-bred with a mind clouded by unreasoning hatred. 

 A week later she bought him out of jail — without strings. To a dazed Willie Garvin she seemed a princess… and “Princess” he called her from that time on. Within six months a new Willie Garvin was born — a man of cheerful confidence, sharp intelligence, and all his old criminal skills… 

Soon he was Modesty’s right arm in running The Network. Both were unique, both originals. They learnt much from one another. Through six years Willie Garvin served ‘The Princess’. Together they schemed, fought, bled, tended each others hurts… and grew very rich. – In The Beginning, Peter O’Donnell


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