Indoctrination Theory and Clarification

I respect the idea of Indoctrination Theory, but that’s not what happened for Molly Shepard. Should Bioware admit that this is what they were going for? Fuck. No. Not even if it really were what they were going for. I would like to believe that what they were going for is exactly what we have: an ending that is so inconclusive that we will all draw completely different things from it. I’ll give Bioware credit for that stroke of brilliance (though it was poorly executed).

Maybe I’m giving them too much credit there, but I actually think that if Indoctrination were actually what they intended us to “get” that it diminishes the brilliance that I see — as in the inconclusive endings that have resulted in so many discussions, so many speculations and so many theories, of which Indoctrination is one. I see something incredibly thought provoking and unique and a culmination of how you want to play your Shepard and I love that concept.

To confirm that Indoctrination Theory is it basically just brings the ending back down to a guidebook level. “To win the game, defeat indoctrination and choose Destroy.” As opposed to “You are now at the end. How do you interpret it?”

“Endings, to be useful, must be inconclusive.” ~Samuel R. Delaney

For this reason, I fear the pending “clarificaiton” that will come from the new DLC. I have come to terms with the ending and my headcanon has filled in the plotholes. I’ve contented myself with fan-made epilogues that give me the closure I need.

I have an ending that works for me. For Molly Shepard.

But new DLC to “clarify” the endings? That will take it all away! I suppose, what I ought to do, is leave Molly alone. But Tarisa and Jax … maybe they won’t mind some clarification….


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