Jack and the Biotics

You’ve made mamma proud. Molly put her faith in Jack and stood behind her in ME2 and Jack didn’t let her down. Personally, I’ve always had a soft spot for the troubled child and Jack is certainly no exception. In highschool co-op, I shocked one teacher when they found the resident bully eagerly helping me in class. The teacher asked what I had done, and I replied, “I listened to him and gave him responsibility.” Jack reminded me of another boy that I tutored. I saw him a few years later and he was so proud to tell me how well he was doing. Should Molly have put Jack’s kids on support to keep them safe? Probably. But, just as Jack wanted her kids to know that she believed in them, Molly wanted Jack to know that she believed in her and her teaching. And frankly, them kids proved themselves nicely on the battlefield while Liara spent most of the time dead. You just stay down there then, Liara. Me, Jack, the kids, EDI and EDI got this.

 Jack later informs Molly of how well the kids are doing with hit and run strikes – even getting in on action and a large rescue on Palaven. And Jack refers to herself as dependable. So proud.


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