Mass Effect 3: The Journey

I’m finally finished Mass Effect 3. There were tears. Oh there were tears. And there was anger. Oh there was anger. When I got to the end, the tears were quickly usurped by a look my husband described as what he’d expect if he ever cheated on me. I am not happy with the execution of the controversial ending, but I am by no means unhappy with it. That ending and the infamous Choices and everything leading up to them have inspired so much thought. How much thought? Well let’s consult my 23 page Mass Effect 3 Journal. Actually, as of 2am this morning, it was only 19 pages long, but then I went through the 20 page email discussions between Digital Tempest and Beccatoria and I added a few things when I was finally able to join their conversation. Am I happy with the ending? No. I’m not. Because there are logistic and plot issues that prove to me that there was a rush to the finish line. Do I love the endings anyway? Yes. Because Bioware took a risk to give me a realistic, emotional, painful story that – even with all its flaws – went above and beyond the standard fare we are used to. So thank you, Bioware. While I understand the anger (because there are issues), I still love you. Make mine Shepard.


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