I still believe

I STILL haven’t started Mass Effect 3 (I’m running my 2 new Shepards through 2, now), but I have been listening to the rage and the speculation and the anger and the tears. I have been spoiled on many things by my own clickies and by talking to the person whose intense feelings on this series are what made me play it in the first place. I see two stars for the game on Amazon, but I know, in my heart, that it’s worth more than that.

I still want to play it and I will play it.

Because the journey. Always. The journey.

Even though I know what the endings entail, at the end of my journey, I know that when I get to choose my colours, it will be a difficult decision, just like it was on Virmire, despite knowing and planning that outcome.

I tend to be an outside the controversy thinker. I liked Catwoman/Batman sex because I read it differently than everyone else who was raging about it. Since I’ve already been indoctrinated with the indoctrination theory, I get the feeling that I will appreciate the “choices” given in the end. It sounds like there are still plot holes and rushingness that I’m going to blame on EA for pushing to the release date rather than waiting and putting out a perfect product. But I’m still gonna give Bioware a chance. I think they put their heart and soul in there but EA, who just doesn’t get the love, is in charge and their marketing department fucked up, and Bioware is taking the heat. I think Drew foresaw this and got the hell outta dodge and I think he’s watching all this and saying “I told you so,” while crying.

 I believe that what comes next from Bioware is going to be awesome. Not just an add-on involving punching pyjaks. The way to make amends is for them to simply make it free. Or, just wait a while before releasing it, because this is the internet and our rage is always always pathetically short lived (though I appreciate that it’s turned to something positive this time). If they do have something big that isn’t quite ready yet, I wouldn’t want them to rush it like they did this (or SWTOR), afterall. I hate their silence, but I get it. I wish they would just say “Look, we’re sorry that you are so unhappy with the ending. That is unfortunate. We wanted to give you an ending that made you think. And it clearly has, if you look beyond the anger. Many people are coming up with interesting ideas and interpretations. Yes there will be DLC and yes it will cost you, but we’re certain that you will like it. BE FUCKING PATIENT.”

I still believe in you, Bioware. I have not truly cared about any series or characters in a video game until I started playing your games. I believe that you understand this and that you did not intend to let me down.

“Endings, to be useful, must be inconclusive.” ~Samuel R. Delaney

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