Official Starhawk Review

My husband is currently playing Starhawk. We both loved Warhawk, though he probably loved it more and still sometimes reverts to it for some good old fashioned stress relief. I can’t argue that. Nothing relieves stress like blowing someone up with a tank.

So Starhawk Beta. I’ll paraphrase his review here:
J: This sucks. Only noobs on my team and the other team are all level 5 and 6. 
Me: Well, I can only assume you will level soon enough.
J: 100 xp. This sucks. I’m quitting. Can’t find my sniper rifle.
Me: Maybe you’ll get on the winning team next round.
J: Oh hey, building stuff is cool! Oh hey, you can shoot down buildings, too. Where are the fucking weapons?
Me: See? Now you have experience points and soon you can be as uber as the other level 6es.
*** 10 minute later ***
Me: I see you find your sniper rifle.
Rating: New Addiction Achieved.

4 thoughts on “Official Starhawk Review

  1. Too funny. Huge fan of both warhawk and it's upcoming sequal. let your man know to look in the “skills” section. It shows that if you get 10 kills using the Sniper rifle in one round he'll actually earn the ability to ALWAYS spawn with a Sniper rifle. Thats “always”, not just in that one game.


  2. Oh ho thanks for the heads up! He was peaking at the skills so I'm sure he noticed it. But he really did like the idea of building an appropriate structure to obtain the associated weapon. Plus the structure building helps alleviate some of the boredom of playing the same zones over and over.


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