FFXIII-2: And then I fought a giant hand for 5 minutes…

We bought Final Fantasy XIII the moment it was released. Normally, J and I fight over who will play, but, still busy with Final Fantasy XI, I let him go and I just watched. And watched. And watched. When he finally got through the 20 hours of cinematics and into the world, I was well bored. Not even him obtaining my beloved and ever gorgeous Shiva could compel me to continue watching. Soon, he gave up too, despite hopes that the free play would improve the game. This is pretty much the story of everyone who played that game.

Enter its sequel:

According to this review, it is far better and has learned from its mistakes. I know Square Enix, and, after the fiasco that was Final Fantasy XIV, they are very, very sorry when they make mistakes and do their best to make it up to us.

I also know that I am a ridiculous sucker for Square Enix and for Final Fantasy, ever since I fell in love with Sephiroth. And the pretty. The oh so pretty that Final Fantasy never fails to deliver:

So I tried the demo.

After 4:40 minutes of fighting a giant hand and really disliking the Paradigm Shift as much as J did previously, I got bored again. I suppose it’s something I’d have to look into, but my shifting just resulted in a lot of attacking and potion drinking. Then came more cinematics. But unlike the last game, you can now play along with the cinematics! Oh boy! Push the button to make the cinematic even better! So much for skipping.

After finally defeating the giant hand, I wondered around the city for all of 2 minutes before giving up. Bored.   Watching the review above tells me I missed a lot, and I’m sure I did, but as far as demos go, this one failed.

Of course, as I said, I’m a sucker for Square Enix and Final Fantasy. I’m pretty sure this is going to end up in our collection anyway….


2 thoughts on “FFXIII-2: And then I fought a giant hand for 5 minutes…

  1. Sad to say that I've always loved Final Fantasy's cinematics than the actual games themselves the game itself is beautiful to look at & will rather sit & watch someone play.

    Watching the review makes me want to play XIII (which have been sitting on the shelf for over a year)


  2. Watched the review after being bored with the demo has re-inspired me to try it again anyway.

    I have no issue with the cinematics. They are indeed very, very beautiful. But if you're going to make literally 20 hours of cinematics before you can actually play the game, then you might as well put that effort into a movie (as in Advent Children, not Spirits Within).


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