Invasion of the body switchers

I’m a sucker for body swap sci fi/fantasy episodes. Okay, I’ve only actually seen two such that I recall, one being this week’s episode of Lost Girl, Original Skin. The other is Farscape’s Out of their Minds.

For Farscape, everyone watched videos of their fellow actors to capture mannerisms and such. Not everyone pulls it off, but no matter, since they are happily overshadowed, usually by the actor who usually plays the moody broody warrior thug-type character. Anthony Simcoe is fabulous as Chiana in D’Argo’s body, but the prize goes to, unsurprisingly, Claudia Black. Because. Breasts.


In Lost Girl, Kris Holden-Reid pulls off a fantastic Kenzi, starting off by examining the wolf junk she so often speaks off. Pity this means that actual Kenzi is limited to playing broody moody Dyson, which she does well enough, but blah. Dyson’s very boring outside of his own body.

Bonus points to the writers for having a touching girl chat for Bo and Kiara … in the bodies of a scruffy bounty hunter and Hale. Plus fanservice for all those Hale/Kenzi ‘shippers out there (you know who you are! … okay yeah… me…)


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