Their Love is Almost Totally Canon – Part 1

“Come here often?”
“Shut up, Clark,” Batman snapped, “I just came here to relax, okay?”
“Gee,” Clark pouted, “You obviously need it. I was just trying to be funny.”
“Sometimes, you just try too hard. Why don’t you go dance over there,” Batman said, pointing to a dark corner on the opposite side of the room. “Your wiggling is messing with my groove. And possibly the support beams of the building.”

Disheartened, Superman wandered over to the corner and danced by himself for a while, trying to understand why Batman just wouldn’t let him in. “He won’t even tell me his secret identity!” Finally, in frustration, he made his way to the bar where Aquaman was well into his sixth pint and going on about the way he was treated by society. The residents of the fishtank did not seem to be listening.

“I just want him to notice me.” Superman slumped on the chair and ordered himself a virgin appletini.
“Drink!” announced Aquaman, sloshing his almost empty pitcher at the bartender.
“Good idea!” And just in time, too, thought Superman with a grin, as the music changed to a slow, romantic song. He glanced hopefully to the dancefloor, only to find that Batman had foiled him again. The Caped Crusader was gone.


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