Today’s word is: Terrorism

On the way to school/daycare/work this morning, I was listening to 680 News as usual and they were reporting on the recently deceased “Terrorist Number 1” Anwar al Alwaki, which caught Panda (3) and Bunny’s (6) attention, and the conversation went something like this:

Bunny: What’s a “Waki”?
Me: “Alwaki.” It’s the name of a man that was caught and killed by America. He was a terrorist.
Bunny: What’s a terrorist?
Me: Remember the documentary daddy showed you with the planes hitting the buildings?
Panda: Daddy’s eyes were sweating.
Bunny: No they weren’t! He was crying because all the people died.
Me: Yes, that was done by terrorists and a lot of people died. Terrorists usually use things like bombs to kill people, and leave everyone else feeling very scared.
Bunny: Why do they do that?
Me: Sometimes, some people don’t like what a country or group of people say or do, but instead of talking to them about it, they get angry and kill their people instead.  Or sometimes, people want something another country or group of people have and they go to war to try to get it.
Panda: You mean like when Lincoln takes my toys and hits me?
Me: Yes, something like that.
Panda: He should use his words.
Me: Yes he should.
Panda: But he just bites instead.

(I probably should have clarified here that Lincoln was not actually a terrorist…. he is a little brat, though…)

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One thought on “Today’s word is: Terrorism

  1. I still think a full scale investigation should be made to see if that little kid is a terrorist.
    Does he have any GI Joe action figures.
    Oh wait, whats the Canadian equivalent? Yeah, he may be one so its best to make sure. Panda could very well have type of withcraft gene thing happening and know something us adults dont.


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