PROTIP: Never quit collecting comics

It’s been over a decade since I said good bye to the X-Men. I was tired of the rehashed story lines and dead people who could not stay dead. I was tired of convoluted plot lines, poor writing, love quadrangles and new characters that were just plain stupid.

If I had my way, I would have torn up every comic that was written after the X-Men left Australia and given several of the editors many many paper cuts with the remains. Then I would have rewritten everything so that it actually made sense and wasn’t a constant slap in the face to intelligent readers.

Other than a few TPBs, movies, wiki profiles, an occasional loan from my brother and brief visits to Fan Expo, I was so done with you, comic books. So done!

Then I met some new friends who still diligently collected comics and we got to talking…

What? Storm is married? Rogue is doing what? Jean died again AGAIN? Wolverine’s got a son? Emma Frost is good – or at least trying to be?

Thus I found myself thinking that I had been wrong to walk out on the X-Men and like a sad, pathetic lover, I have come crawling back.

You should see my frakking To-Read list. I tell you, ten years of comics is not an easy pile to climb!

Still, even as I diligently ignore my kids so that I can read comics, I find myself already tearing out my hair again for the very reasons that I tore it out before. And to make matters worse, I’m throwing DC comics into the mix.

But I won’t walk away this time. No matter how many plot-demeaning resurrections or uselessly dramatic love geometries or you-obviously-designed-this-while-high characters, I’m going to stick it out.

And then I’m going to write fanfic to make it all right in my head.


One thought on “PROTIP: Never quit collecting comics

  1. You did nothing wrong by leaving. They sucked. WHat you should do is what I do, and follow writers. A good writer can elevate the material. This is why Scott Lobdell and Bob Harras, who wrote and guided/ruined the X-men comics that you enjoyed, have been hired by DC to run their new line. Because of their talent and success.


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