30 Day Comic Book Challenge (18 – 21)

Day 18 – Favourite B-list character
Harley Quinn made it on to a list of DC’s top ten villains, though she doesn’t entirely deserve to be there. As much as I love her, the darling is not much of an independent worker or thinker. But love her I do and even created a website dedicated to her long ago. I’m not alone with the love as many other people share it, some of whom have even named their daughters after her!

Day 19 – Comic book city/universe you wish you lived in
In the DCUO game, Gotham City never gets to have daylight, sunshine or nice singing birds, unlike Metropolis. Also unlike Metropolis, Gotham City seems to be a dumping ground for criminals I believe that this is Superman’s fault and would like to visit this city to get to the bottom of this!

Live in Gotham? Oh hell no. Do I look like I just escaped from Arkham? I’d rather live in Metropolis. It’s much nicer and crime-free there. Keep Metropolis Beautiful.

Day 20 – Favourite super power or skill
Gonna go with pyrokinesis, because it looks pretty and is a great way to express anger and frustration. But practically speaking, I’d rather have telekinesis.

Day 21 – Favourite writer
Catching up on Greg Rucka and Gail Simone works and liking what I see so far.


4 thoughts on “30 Day Comic Book Challenge (18 – 21)

  1. I don't know now. If Harley stopped letting Mistah J cloud her mind up long enough to be an independent villain, she could get shit done. In the Harley Quinn mini-series I read, she set up Batman AND Joker when he pissed her off, but of course, he said sorry and all was good. But she can definitely be as manipulative as she needs to be if given the chance. She can put that former psych in her to work when she wants to.


  2. True enough. I'm behind as usual (mental note: need to download that), but I recall in her series, her need to hook up with someone for fear of being alone. Once she got over that and the Mistah J obsession, I expect she could be quite the villain.


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