30 Day Comic Book Challenge (Day 13)

Day 13 – A book you’ve read more than five times

I am constantly going back to Classic X-Men. Specifically, to its backstories. Specifically, to these backstories.

The beginning of Storm and Jean’s friendship. Classic X-Men #2, First Friends

The spark in Jean that the Phoenix saw; that I wish Jean had been allowed to become, without the aid of Scott, Logan or a cosmic entity. Classic X-Men #8

Storm’s meeting with M’Rin. Classic X-Men #22, Solace

An incorrigible Logan makes the most of a slimey situation in an story that Grant Morrison duplicated in New X-Men, without grasping the element that made the ending so perfect. Classic X-Men #27

I learned my first lessons about sexism and sexuality and power from The White Queen. Apparently, January Jones did not. Classic X-Men #34: Double Negative

Storm is forced to make a difficult decision, perhaps the first evidence of her future role as leader of the X-Men. Art by Jim Lee. Classic X-Men #39, Briggs’ Revenge


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