Further to her Wonder Woman and Batman pics, my 5yo decided that the entire fridge needed to be covered in super heroes. Imagine my utter joy!! I busted out my old comics and found her a pic of Storm from Classic X-Men #2 and also remembered that I had an entire binder full of trading cards that I used to use for drawing inspiration.

I tried to convince her to draw Emma Frost from Classic X-Men #7, but she was skeptical about the White Queen’s level of morality in that picture.

I also figured out the source of her disjointed joints. She was initially drawing them based on colour – ie she was drawing the separate body parts by colour. I drew her a picture of Meggan in hopes of convincing her that drawing first with a pencil is okay. She understands now, as you can see by Cyclops, and we are off and running.

I’m so very happy.


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