Gag reels

One of the reasons I buy DVDs is because of the gag reels. My greatest disappointment is when they do not have them. I skipped my usual complaints about the additional costs of Blu Ray DVDs when I learned that the Blu Ray version of Star Trek featured a gag reel, while the regular version did not.

In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I also own the Terminator 3 DVD. And let us not forget that Pixar turned the entire concept of outtakes into an art form that actually makes people want to stay to see the credits instead of rushing out to relieve the results of that extra large Coke.

I don’t understand why more movies do not have these. Hell, if a movie like The Missing, where Aaron Eckhart is roasted alive, then every movie ought to reveal to me their laugh out loud movie mistakes. I know you have them! I know because I’ve been on stage in highschool and I know the amusements of Karen forgetting her line (“No!”) and then getting upset when the prompt refused to give it to her. Or any moment with Rick. And the props. Oh the props.

Okay, perhaps my highschool play bloopers are a lot funnier in my head. You had to be there. But thankfully, with movie bloopers, you can be there. And I, for one, am really happy that Nathan Fillion happens to be there with me.

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