My Nostalgia! Mine!

J and I started watching Happy Endings last night. Not a bad show. Not as ROFL funny as the reviews say it is, but it’s got potential, particularly if Damon Wayan’s Jr. actually starts acting.

As the show progressed, though, I found myself becoming more and more annoyed with their constant references to stuff from MY youth. She-ra. Cocoon. Other stuff I can’t remember right now.

While the actors did not look 90210 young, they also didn’t look all that old either. Why were they talking about my nostalgia like they *lived* it? By the second round of commercials, I was on IMDb checking on their birthdates. Early 1980. Hm. Well. Okay. Sort of. Fine. It’s their nostalgia too.

I have no clue why this upset me so. I’ve been enjoying my girls’ enjoyment of She-ra, He-Man and most recently, GI Joe and Thundercats. We love being able to share this with them (although hubby is no longer able to watch Thundercats as, in his old age, he’s realized just how frustrating and stupid it is that the Cats don’t just kill Mumm-ra instead of letting him go every damn time).

I have also been lamenting how much this dates me.

But when I saw people that I didn’t think actually had been watching my shows in their youth, I got real uppity about the idea of them pretending to know what they were talking about. Even though I have confirmed their ages, I still feel the need to contact them and perhaps quiz them on their knowledge to see if they are legit…

That’s my nostalgia, and I don’t want to share!


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5 thoughts on “My Nostalgia! Mine!

  1. I like this show, the cast has good chemistry. I particularly like the gay guy and the girl who he is 'gay husband' to, she's really funny with the physical schtick.


  2. At the moment, there are only two week links – ironically, it's the two who's names are most recognizable (Elisha and Damon). Hopefully they will find their groove and begin to mesh with the others.


  3. They may find their groove in the second season. My thinking (which is worth half a penny) is that they're collecting a paycheck and when the show shows some success, then the actors start working harder from the acting to promoting it.
    I'm with Tom. Those two are very funny.


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