Real Royalty: The White Queen

I was somewhat disappointed with the initial images of January Jones as the White Queen in the upcoming X-Men: First Class. While the white leather outfit is sexy, it is not entirely the Emma Frost we know and love. Not nearly enough skin.

I am pleased now to see more images and learn from January Jones herself that there is less more to her costumes than initially revealed. …fans of the character and get-up will be happy with how Emma Frost is presented in the film. From what we’ve seen so far, they certainly are working towards her look and knowing the story of X-Men: First Class has a lot to do with the Hellfire club[…], it seems her history from the source material (the X-Men comics) may be followed closely as well. [ETA: january Jones, you lied. Next time, don’t follow Halle Berry’s foot steps. Read your source material and make sure you give a character like Emma Frost the respect she deserves.]

Unfortunately, well, that’s a bra, she’s wearing there. It’s a nice bra, but it’s a bra. Not a corset. Forgive me for being picky, but wearing your bra out in public, even if you are a super hero or villan, is Walmart stuff. Now a corset. That’s classy.

And that’s the White Queen I fell in love with in my youth, after reading Classic X-Men #34, Double Negative. The one who wore a corset and tiny panties and schooled a mere servant girl for daring to speak to her as if she were a mere servant girl and taught me a thing or two about sexism:

“Isn’t it all so sexist? I mean, should we protest, on principle? It’s our skills as servants that shuld count. Not how we look. I mean, am I right? Shouldn’t we stick together, as women, and refuse to dress like this?”

“What are you babbling about? Who do you take me for? Just another servant girl? I AM THE WHITE QUEEN! Yes, you wear that outfit, men look at you, and it cheapens you. But when I wear it, it cheapens THEM. let me explain a few things about sexism, girl. It’s all in what you use it for! The Hellfire Club reeks of desire and ambition for success and world domination. But it’s really about personal domination. My clothes are my battle armor. I dress to go to war! My looks and my body are weapons on par with a man’s fists. […] There is no such thing as sexism unless you give them that power!”

Turns out I am not alone in loving this particular story by Ann Nocenti, a Marvel editor known for her outspoken political views on the government and the role of women in society.

I have limited my contact with Emma Frost since then, even avoiding Greg Horn’s beautiful almost porn covers to the Emma Frost mini series. Halle Berry Marvel has a magical way of ruining my favourite characters, so I have to take them in small doses and cling to my nostalgia to avoid being disappointed.



2 thoughts on “Real Royalty: The White Queen

  1. Well, you called it. Over a month before the movie came out you didn't like January Jones and her look and now almost everyone didn't like her acting. Perhaps she can be replaced in a sequel?


  2. Ouch, I hadn't heard that her acting was being called into question too! Oh well, I am still hearing good things about the rest of the movie. Pity for Emma though. Such a great character.


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