Vin Diesel Week

Haters gonna hate, but they are gonna have to stand over there. This post is entirely for the VinLove.

Don’t worry, I am not so blinded by my love that I believe there is an Oscar forthcoming for him. I think he’s a competent enough actor when he’s not taking himself too seriously and believing that he deserves $20 million per film. But I do like him when he’s a bit more subtle and when he shows that kinder, gentler side that just makes you want to hug him as much as he apparently wants to hug me us.

“My mom used to say that I became a fighter and a scrapper and a tough guy to protect who I am at my core. This exterior means that I am actually one of the few people who can show love without coming across as soft.” (link)

Aww.. *cuddle*

You see, apparently, he’s one of those Hollywood types who have not let Hollywood go to his head. He’s actually down to earth. He has a Facebook page that he updates regularly with personal stuff and lots of fan interaction.

He loves video games so much that he has his own company and made his own games that are apparently reasonably good.

And he loves loves love Dungeons and Dragons.

He’s the kind of guy that you could totally just hang out with. And I bet he wouldn’t mind if you snuck in a bicep squeeze or two. He’s at the top of my list of celebrities I want to meet just to hang out with, just behind my playdate with the Jolie-Pitt family.


4 thoughts on “Vin Diesel Week

  1. haters abovee shut the F**k up already i bet ya niqqa's is wild ugly… vin diesel is very gorgeous and has a good career…he making more money than ya lols!!!!!


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