So many naked old ladies

These aren’t the naked old ladies
you are looking for.

Panda has swimming lessons on Thursday mornings which coincide with Aquafit lessons for seniors. The classes end at the same time so this means the change rooms are packed with people.

Lots of nekkid people.

Lots of nekkid old people.

I assure you, this is not anything like the communal shower scene in Starship Troopers that we all know and love.

It’s an interesting display of modesty, or the lack their of, and I could not help but note it and, consequently blog about it.

There are nekkid young’uns, of course. They are blissfully unaware that OMG NUDITY IS BAAAAAAAD! In fact, my toddler thinks it’s hilarious and I must admit, there’s not much cuter than watching her nekkid bum run down the hall as she yells “I’M A NAKED BABY!” nimbly escaping my pajamaing attempts.

The older ladies aren’t running around flaunting their nudity. They simply are nude. I suppose a small part of me finds it disconcerting that they are so comfortable chatting with us young moms and poking at our children while they are naked, flabby boobs and wrinkled skin on display.

In staunch comparison, there are the teens to middle agers (well, at that time of day, it’s just us 20-30 something moms) who are making awkward attempts to get our bra and panties on while maintaining complete towel coverage lest anyone see our privates.

There was no time for such modesty when I was modelling. I once did a show where I joked that you could tell who the trained models were because they didn’t give a shit that you could see their boobs in the dressing room. We’re all grown women here!

And yet, here I am hiding in the women’s change room. Granted, I’m a bit more self-conscious now in my maturity thanks to kids and surgery and perhaps too many burgers making my boobs and tummy a lot less taut that I would prefer. But ultimately, looking around (not for too long) at the older ladies who just don’t give a fuck), I have to wonder why I am.

At what point do we realize that our naked bodies are something to hide in a changing room filled with other women. At what point do we realize that they no longer need to be hidden….


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