83rd Academy Awards

Well, for the first time in I can’t remember when, I actually watched the Oscars. In fact, I watched them from start to finish (with lots of fast forwarding, of course.) Why? Well, two reasons:

1. I was intrigued by the choice of hosts this year. Since Billy Crystal, there has been a void that no one has been able to fill, and he himself noted that before him, Bob Hope was the true master. I like James Franco and I like Anne Hathaway, but never pictured them as presenters. Could they pull it off? Hmmmmm…. only one way to find out.

Rumour has it that James was stoned through the whole show. It may well be true, but it seems more likely to me that this simply was not his medium. He came across the same way Alec Baldwin did last year. Alec is a great comedian, but the Oscars didn’t work for him. Or rather, playing off of Steve Martin didn’t work for him. The same thing happened to James. Anne was bright and outgoing enough to bring some light to the typically mundane Oscar scripts (really, who writes this stuff. I always feel sorry for the actors presenting because the scripts are so horrible and unfunny and they know it and you can see them cringe and wish they were starring in Battlefield Earth or anything better than those 5 minutes of torture), but James broody features and blunty persona wasn’t the right fit. Next time, team her up with Justin Timberlake and I think we’ll see more charisma.

The opening montage was dreadful. The only amusing part was Morgan Freeman (he should narrate everyone’s dreams).

Okay, reviewing James tweets, maybe he really was high.

2. The movies and actors nominated this year actually appear to be movies and actors worthy of nomination. If I recall correctly, the last Academy Awards I watched involved Russell Crowe winning the Oscar he should have won the previous year, while Joachin Phoenix did not win at all. (Perhaps the latter was the cause of Joachin’s decent into artistic WTFness this past year). Oh and Gladiator won best picture, even though it was not… then again, there were not many other options that year, I suppose.

I was glad Avatar did not win last year, and we did watch The Hurt Locker based on the Oscar win, but I honestly don’t remember any of the other films that were nominated, nor did I have any interest in seeing them. This year, however, I do want to see the nominated films. Well, all except Inception, oddly enough, despite my love of Chris Nolan.

BTW, who invited Celine Dion?

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