Moondust and Madness

I’ve recently found Goodreads and have been slowly but surely filling it up with all the books I’ve read and want to read. I used to use the Virtual Bookshelf app on Facebook, but, you know, Facebook. lolPrivacy.

Anyway, in my rememberings of what books I need to add, I am reminded of this little classic. You see, my brother and sister were avid readers. The former liked mystery and action and adventure novels and comics, while my sister had a big box full of the typical romance novels. I am fortunate that my sister didn’t care much for me when we were growing and therefore it was my brother who had the most influence on my tastes, hence the big X-Men collection I am soon to share with my daughters.

However, I did sneak into her collection one day and decided I wanted to read one to see what it was about. Trust me to find the cheesy romance that involves an alien sex slave trade! 

“Abducted by Commander Varian Saar of the starship Wanderlust, lovely Jana Greyson found herself high about her native Texas in a world beyond her imagination. A helpless pawn in an intergalatic struggle, Jana knew her handsome captor (WHO HAS AN EVIL SEXY TWIN BROTHER) held her fate in his powerful grasp. ANd now he was stealing her heart as well. Their passion was forbidden, their desire was undeniable, and their love soon blazed as brightly as the stars!”

Oh yeah baby. And then they took off their bras.


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