Tried soloing Raskovnik as RDM/SCH with my shiny new fastpants, but learned that it doesn’t work so well when the mob is still faster than you. I know it’s possible, but I’m not good at it and got tired of eating tendrils. Got a BST and RDM friend and geared up my BST and we took it down with ease, inspiring me to try it as BST solo, since the Ferine Mantle dropped and went to my friend.

Oh how easy it was. I was even able to Dia poor Raskovnik and take my lovely sheep back to Flux 1 to reload Healing Salves 2 or 3 times. Unfortunately, others showed up, removing this option, which meant at one point, I was left with no more salves, a timer on Reward and 2 minutes on Call Beast. I kited around the rock and even made it to the Martello to get my HP back, but I lost claim and they took it at 50%

Dejected, I thought to leave, but decided to pop a sheep just to show them that I *almost* had claim back, jerks!

Then I looked up.

Then I moved back a bit.

Then I laughed and reclaimed my NM while my new best friend Turul ate them. Sweet vengeance would have been perfectly topped off had the right mantle dropped, but I’ll just have to settle for the key item and an inflated sense of justice.

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